GPUK 33 – MMA Cage fight

GPUK 33  was held in the JJ’s / Jumping Jacks / Comedy Club part of Fiction Nightclub in Hanley. It concentrates on MMA bouts in the Octagon cage used for cage fighting. The event is organised by Ross ‘The Gladiator’ Pointon as Gladiator Productions UK. I used to be able to upload these albums to Facebook but, unfortunately, if I try to upload more than about 40 images I am then required to complete a Capthca for every image. Time to abandon Facebook.   Apologies…

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Tour Cycle series 2017 – Stoke-on-Trent


On 11th May 2017 the Tour Cycle series came back to Stoke-on-Trent. The race route was around the centre of Hanley. I was able to see one of the races, passing through Stoke on my way between Jobs. When it is not paid work I use the opportunity to try things out, to learn about my photography equipment and skills. I had with me a lightweight camera and 2 lenses, 24mm & 85mm. Neither wide enough for extreme angles or long enough for separating out…

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