GPUK 33 – MMA Cage fight

GPUK 33  was held in the JJ’s / Jumping Jacks / Comedy Club part of Fiction Nightclub in Hanley. It concentrates on MMA bouts in the Octagon cage used for cage fighting. The event is organised by Ross ‘The Gladiator’ Pointon as Gladiator Productions UK.

I used to be able to upload these albums to Facebook but, unfortunately, if I try to upload more than about 40 images I am then required to complete a Capthca for every image. Time to abandon Facebook.


Apologies for the images below not being in chronological order, something else strange that seems to be going on ….

Photography ‘geek’ part: The light levels are generally low and patchy so it is a 50mm lens at F1.6 to F1.8, 1/400th second and ISO at up to 12800 !. Strictly no flash during the bouts. Trying to take photographs through the wire mesh makes framing and AF difficult. Additionally you need to keep moving around but stay low in order to not block the view of paying guests. I use a second camera setup with a flash, ProFoto A1 in this instance, for the arrivals and presentation photos. There isn’t time between the phases to be able to change camera settings and lenses so a second camera is necessary. The stare down photos were taken using a ProFoto B1 with a Calumet Soft Silver umbrella. Metered light output and in-camera custom whiteblance set via a Lastolite EzyBalance.


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