Modern Vintage style photo session

The Vintage style has definitely become a core style and for this session one of the models had borrowed some dresses from Vintage by Cupcake and accessories by Punk up Betty. As a contrast to my 'dark and moody' images I decided to make use of some of the various colour background rolls from Creativity Backgrounds that I have, particularly since the supplier had asked for some images from using them.

I was asked by the model I arranged the photo session with, ElleJ, if she could bring a friend and for me to take some photos of her as well. I know some photographers do not like having anyone else there. This can be down to their lack of confidence, not wanting distractions, trust or a number of other possibilities. I'm not sure how they'd feel working with a MUA, Hair stylist, Stylist, director, grip etc in the full entourage that can arise on a professional photoshoot or a hundred or so people at an event or a wedding !. Personally I find another pair of hands useful for holding / moving things, another pair of eyes and another set of ideas. Also if a stray hair or the like needs adjusting on the person posing, it is more sensible that it is done by someone the person already knows. I was therefore comfortable with saying 'yes'.

The snow that we'd had and stopping off in Newcastle-under-Lyme to pick up the dresses and some accessories didn't delay our starting and with their hair and makeup already done it was just a case of changing and ready. Then the fun began of playing with the colours and the looks, some of the results of which can be seen below:


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