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Distinctive portrait photography

distinctive and classy monochrome portrait of a teenager in a noiresque style Get portrait photographs for all of the family that stand out from the crowd.

Digital cameras and cameras in mobile 'phones have made 'everybody a photographer'. However, photography is not about having a camera, it is about light and knowing how to use it. Blasting everything ( or nothing ) with light will not make for distinctive or creative photography nor will it guarantee quality.

Modern Vintage style photo session

Vintage styled model with blonde hair - photograph taken at the best equipped studio space in North Staffordshire Bold red colour background from Creativity Backgrounds

The Vintage style has definitely become a core style and for this session one of the models had borrowed some dresses from Vintage by Cupcake and accessories by Punk up Betty. As a contrast to my 'dark and moody' images I decided to make use of some of the various colour background rolls from Creativity Backgrounds that I have, particularly since the supplier had asked for some images from using them.

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Getting a better understanding of the ProFoto B1 and B2 OCF system

monochrome portrait photograph of Amy from Essex on a white background. Lit with a ProFoto B2 and 2' OCF Octa Using quality lighting for quality photography

I've been using the ProFoto B2 250 OCF system for a few months now and had the opportunity to get a better understanding of the system. In order for a photographer to be able to deliver the best quality they can they need to understand their equipment, what it can and can't do.

For quite a few years I have chosen between a set of 600 w/s battery pack 2 head light kit and speed lights for when I am 'out and about' for photoshoots. The power of the battery / generator pack lights is enough to underexpose the background on most days and, with the Pocket Wizard TT1 / TT5 combo, I can use hypersync to go up to 1/4000 second on the shutter speed before power loss and sync problems become too much. If looking to use narrow apertures in daylight this is important. Much more portable both in terms of weight and size are speed lights but they are also much less powerful. When used beyond the camera's flash sync speed the power loss drops quickly and they become ineffective for use at any reasonable distance. Whilst at low power speed lights can have very short, action stopping, flash durations, at full power they tend to have a long flash duration. This is again important, particularly with the increasing pixel count of digital cameras showing subject movement or camera shake much more easily

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All of the images edited - explaining the oxymoron

'All of the images edited' has become a frequently used phrase by some suppliers of photography services. It has only been in existence since digital photography became an easy route to access photography and social media an easy way to advertise your services. The advertising blurb that I saw recently in an advert for a person advertising wedding photography typifies that. Below are a few thoughts on how both people offering photography services and those consuming them need to have a somewhat better understanding.

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