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Integrity and honesty in photography

On an online forum there was thread created by a person wondering who owned 'the rights' to an image where they had setup the lighting, established the camera settings, posed the subject and then someone else took a photograph'over their shoulder'. This is a situation that frequently happens for wedding photographers, at 'group shoots' where a number of photographers are involved and on training courses. Increasingly people who run training courses who will do things in one of 2 ways:

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Strobists and strobism - false doctrine or indoctrinated ?

Strobe (n.) 1942, shortening of stroboscope "instrument for studying motion by periodically interrupted light" (1896), from Greek. strobos "act of whirling"

There are a number of people around the world who will fervently describe themselves as 'Strobists', some with an almost religious zealousness. Alas, they have been misinformed and their indoctrination is at the stage of corrupting the meaning of something that is actually quite clear. If you ask a person responsible for stage lighting they will be able to accurately describe the nature of a strobe light. If you ask a scientist they will as well although they will include rotating discs with slots as examples of the stroboscopic effect. The scientist will use a strobe, be it a light or a disc, to study motion and, in some cases to freeze circular motion. The disc or the light will be adjusted until the frequency of the slots or the flashes matches the frequency or a harmonic of the motion. The stage lighting person will set the frequency of the flashing unit to match the desired effect. Either way an electrical strobe light is one that is repeatedly flashing at a given frequency.

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The growing problem of people inflicting their e-cigarette / vaping toxins, irritants and drug on others

Recently there has been a lot of media noise about E-Cigarettes / Vaping being much safer than smoking. However, all is not as rosy as the report implies when it comes to the rest of us and the 1 person out of every 20 for whom using them is not healthier than actually smoking. This is without the products actually being tested as a medicine and without any long-term study of the effects of the toxins that they are known to contain.

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The DBS / CRB minefield of misunderstanding and photographers

First of all CRB. The vetting of people who work with under 18s and certain other categories was taken over by the Disclosure Barring Service back in December 2012. Therefore anyone with a CRB has not been checked since the DBS took over. Does this matter ?. It depends on the '3 months' rule. One of the changes introduced with the DBS was the 3 month rule. Quite simply, if someone has not engaged in the work for which they were vetted for 3 months their DBS check becomes invalid.

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Atmospheric, evocative and timeless low-key monochrome portrait photography

Dark, moody, evocative and timeless. That is how I see low-key monochrome portrait photography that is taken in an accomplished manner.
Ever since I first saw some Fresnel lensed HMI lighting being used for photography I liked what I saw and wanted to create images with these lights. I'm not sure why but I had a bit of a phase of really just wanting to do images with dark and moody lighting. It might have been as an antidote to the plain blown white background images I'd been doing for some events and for people who wanted that because 'that is what everyone else does'.

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