Keele Medics Graduation Ball


Given the number of photographs the image galleries are best not viewed on devices with limited data.

On mobile devices the gallery page is often best viewed with the device in an upright / vertical / portrait orientation.

I will upload a separate gallery that can be simpler on desktop / laptops with the same images and options by Wednesday.

On some mobile devices rotating the device between vertical and horizontal ( portrait and landscape format) and back again is necessary for the gallery pages to show correctly.

Not all of the images have been ‘cleaned up’ with regard to the background.

If you order one of those photos it will be ‘cleaned up’ before you get it.


The gallery uses a PayPal ‘shopping basket’ and postage is added in PayPal. You can use PayPal without setting up an account. If you need an alternative payment method, get in touch. As well as prints professionally framed and mounted images are available and details can be found on my website ( Click for link ).

Please enter your passcode into the field below to view your images.

Passcode: First name of the person the main medical building at Keele is named after.


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