Ormiston Meridian Academy Prom 14th June 2019

Apologies for the delay. I have been having a problem with the shopping basket payment system after an update to the software. It is now working

The password for the gallery is the surname of the teacher who took part in the Student v Staff quiz. Solution to the final question: 3 + 4 = 7, 1400 divided by 7 = 200,

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  1. Hi, I’m hoping to find out if all the images have been uploaded as there seems to be some missing of the one I’m looking for.

    1. Hello Millie,

      Not all of the images have been uploaded. Where I took more than one of a person or group I have posted the one that did not have blinkers etc. There are others that are repeats of the ones posted but with the person blinking or looking away.


      1. Ok thanks, the image I’m referring to has only 1 published and it’s not great. You did take quite a few and I was hoping that others may be available to choose from? Thanks.

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