Ormiston Meridian Academy Prom 2018


Apologies. I hadn’t realised how awful the user interface had become on the shopping cart plugin that I was using. The assumption that updates will be an improvement was distinctly wrong. The replacement is easier to use but, for the moment at least, slower.

Photographs can be ordered as prints, digital files or fully mounted / framed prints and canvases in a variety of sizes.

Given the number of photographs the image galleries are best not viewed on devices with limited data.

The gallery uses a PayPal ‘shopping basket’ and postage is added in PayPal. You can use PayPal without setting up an account. If you need an alternative payment method, get in touch.

As well as prints, professionally framed and mounted images are available and details can be found on my website ( Click for link ).

Digital media orders: Unless you message me indicating otherwise I will assume that you want me to send digital files to you sooner than the 14 day wait that current consumer protection details recommend.

Passcode: Given on the slips distributed at your event.





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  1. Hey i was a student at Ormiston meridian academy and im interested in seeing if any of my pictures are available on gallery – however i dont have access to the code.

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