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With the first point of contact these days often being via social media ( Linkedin, Starnow, Twitter. Facebook, Instagram ), websites or printed media making the right 'first impression' is very important. The personal profile photograph that you use becomes very significant. It needs to communicate positive things about you as well as give a bit of an insight into the real you. People don’t always appreciate the power of projecting a professional image. ‘Looking the part’ can have an impact on their success at finding the perfect job. We live in a visual world and a society where a book is judged by its cover.

Actress headshot photograph on a blown white background


Blown white background

Bearded Staffordshire man in a suit for a distinctive headshot portrait photograph


Clear and defining

Hair styling portrait photograph of a woman.


Attention focused on you

Captain Hook costumed actor from Peter Pan

In costume

Full length or headshot

What is important for a headshot photograph ?

Quality headshots require a combination of proper lighting, posing, clothing and background. For some including the the environment or background for the the industry you represent is important. Your headshot photograph can be taken in my studio space or on location at your work place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions that you might be thinking and that others might have asked

full length photograph of an actor in a black suit, white shirt and red bow-tie finished off with a Poirot moustache. Blown white background, NOT high-key
Clothing that suits your work place style or the style and persona you want to project
For studio style sessions of individuals or for a small number of people then my studio space in North Staffordshire at the southern end of Stoke-on-Trent is preferred since it is where I can control the lighting the most. For Company headshot sessions I can come to you. For environmental sessions these obviously need to be done in your required environment.
This isn't quite a 'how long is a piece of string ?' question. Some sessions are every short, 20 minutes, whereas some can be somewhat longer. It depends on how many people are involved, how easily they relax in front of the camera and how many clothing variations you want to try.
Absolutely, yes. You will have to allow time for my changing the background and lighting around for each set.
In the studio I tend to work tethered to a computer. This enables you to see the photographs before any adjustments just about as they are taken. At the end of the session you get to look through the photographs and choose the ones that you want me to process further.
The session fee starts from £40 for a web sized and iPad retina sized digital files of a chosen images. For group and location sessions, let me know your needs and I'll give you a quote.. Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash, PayPal or in-person credit / debit card via WorldPay Zinc
I am in Staffordshire Moorlands area of North Staffordshire, just at the southern end of Stoke-on-Trent. The A50 between Stoke and Derby is quite close as is Blythe Bridge train station

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