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Distinctive monochrome photography that makes YOU stand out. This gives a classy and elegant look that is both modern and timeless.

timeless and distinctive portrait photography

Move away from the tired blown white background family photographs and have contemporary monochrome photographs that you can enjoy for years to come

Classic Hollywood monochrome image of a woman and a piano


Hollywood style lighting equipment for that Hollywood look

Bearded Staffordshire man in a distinctive black and white monochrome portrait photograph


Clear and defining

Monochrome Noir portrait photograph of a woman.


Attention focused on you

Vintage style monochrome portrait photograph of a woman in Stoke-on-Trent


Can be developed further for a vintage look

Noiresque - What is it ?

At its heart it is a reduction of complexity by simplifying elements in the photograph enabling the emphasis in the portrait to be clearly on the person/s in the photograph. This is achieved by removing distractions such as colours and by lighting the portrait specifically for the person/s in it based on their style, hair and facial structure.

Portraits in this style tend to have a powerful look and are different from what most photographers in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire can or will offer.

Based on Chiaroscuro lighting as used in Renaissance and Baroque paintings. The lighting introduces a sense of realism and depth into portraits. This is achieved by lighting contrasts giving a distinct difference between light and dark tones. It is this that creates the sense of depth in the photograph. Noiresque uses this Chiaroscuro lighting to create a look akin to a classic film noir movies but without the sinister element.

I'm not sure it is the style for me / us .....

Noiresque is not is for everyone. For some people their style, decor and general ambience are better suited to another form of portrait photography. That may be a location portrait or one using a white or colour background. Take a look at some of my more standard offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions that you might be thinking and that others might have asked

Black and white portrait photograph of a young woman sat cross legged in Rupert the bear chequered trousers.
The simplest option is a black T-shirt or other top which does not have a 'fussy' collar or neck. In the examples on the page you can see that there are other possibilities depending on the look that you want. Strap tops tend to not work well but there are exceptions
Black is best or a dark blue or dark red. The important thing is that if it is a group of you then the colours need to be the same.
This isn't quite a 'how long is a piece of string ?' question. Some sessions are every short, 20 minutes, whereas some can be somewhat longer. It depends on how many people are involved, how easily they relax in front of the camera and how many clothing variations you want to try.
Absolutely, yes. You will have to allow time for my changing the background and lighting around for each set.
In the studio I tend to work tethered to a computer. This enables you to see the photographs before any adjustments just about as they are taken. At the end of the session you get to look through the photographs and choose the ones that you want me to process further.
There is no session fee. You pay for the images that you want. I can supply prints, framed mounted photographs, canvas and many more finishes. Some examples and pricing are on the Products page of my main website. Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash, in-person credit / debit card via WorldPay Zinc
I am in Staffordshire Moorlands area of North Staffordshire, just at the southern end of Stoke-on-Trent. The A50 between Stoke and Derby is quite close as is Blythe Bridge train station

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