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Ordering prints from event galleries

Information on print finishes and help for people ordering from an event gallery

Prints are available in a variety of sizes and finishes. Details about the finishes for the Fuji prints can be found lower down the page.

If you want a Framed and mounted print or canvas. please message me with your requirements.

Payments are processed via PayPal, however, you do not need a PayPal account.

Postage & packing is added when you place your order.

Deliveries are usually by Royal Mail or DPD.

Digital downloads are not automatically delivered, I send them via WeTransfer and you will get a download e-mail link when I have sent them.


Prints larger than 9″ by 6″ will be completed via an external print lab and these Fuji prints have a choice of 3 surfaces:

Fuji Crystal Archive DPII Lustre: Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Lustre features a very natural photographic finish reminiscent of traditional photographic printing. Coated with a slightly stippled texture Lustre prints are very resistant to fingerprints, scratches and scuffs and feature a semi-matt finish with minimal glare. A ideal choice for weddings, new born and landscape photography.


Fuji Crystal Archive Glossy: Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Gloss paper produces higher contrast in your work with a vivid, glossy finish which accentuates the colour to give a punchy, rich feel. Glossy paper is very reflective, however it always maintains tonal properties and accurate reproduction making it perfect for social, lifestyle photography and high impact images.


Fuji Crystal Archive DPII Silk: Fuji DPII Silk was a very popular surface in the 1970’s and featuring a micro dimpled surface texture, Fuji Silk delivers high quality prints on a silk-like surface. A perfect paper for handling as it is extremely robust and resists finger prints. 


Help with the ordering process

As ever, digital devices work in slightly different ways to each other.

The gallery is best viewed on a screen that is larger than a \’phone and in \’landscape\’ / horizontal orientation.

When you click on an image on some devices you will get a screen that looks like:

You need to click on the upward arrowhead at the bottom to bring up the shopping cart symbol.

Then click on the shopping cart to bring up the print list and prices.

These screenshots are from a \’phone.


Following a recent software ‘update’ the thumbnails of the photos ordered are not showing in the shopping cart.

If you want to check your order before placing it click on ‘Pay with PayPal’ and do not actually place the order by paying via PayPal. This sends an email to me with your order that does show the thumbnails of the images ordered. I can then forward that to you for you to check. Depending on your browser cookie settings your shopping cart will or will not empty.

Some people seem to be going to their cart and then to the PayPal page but not completing their purchase. If you do not go into PayPal and enter payment details etc then your order has not been placed despite your getting a ‘thank you for your order’ message via the system. Your order is only completed when you pay vial PayPal  payment gateway and you get a message from PayPal confirming your order.