Professional Event photography in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire

For your Ball, Prom, Party and other celebration events Black tie, Graduation, Anniversary, 21st - all sorts of event photography. Based in Staffordshire on the fringes of Stoke and Newcastle under Lyme, not on Tyne.

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Event photography service options to suit the style of your event

Proms, balls, parties, reunions, charity fundraisers, Christmas and end of year events are just some of the types of event that can be covered. For events like School Proms, Black Tie Balls and other formal style of event as well as special occasions a dedicated studio setup is the usual choice. For a smaller and less formal event then informal roaming photography might be the best fit.

Studio quality photography at your Prom, Ball, Graduation or other celebratory event in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Big or small events. Corporate, Fundraiser, School, University Ball photography

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Group photographs of friends and family at events

Unlike some photographers I do not limit group sizes to a maximum of 4 people in a photograph and I do take full length photographs to capture the full splendour of the clothing that is special to the guests for your event. The images that I use were all taken at actual events and not at a leisurely pace in a studio with some willing or paid models. Not all providers are clear about when and how their publicity photographs were taken.

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Cost and media options

Whilst I offer two core media options I'm happy to discuss your particular needs and adjust to suit.

Option 1

Online password protected ordering gallery for prints and digital downloads, possible printing onsite for Balls.

Nominal attendance fee to cover basic costs. ( see note * )

Option 2

Online password protected gallery with image files able to be freely downloaded. Images will be sized at 2048 pixels on the longest side ( iPad Retina sized ). Alongside the download gallery there will also be an order gallery for those who want prints.

The fee for this starts from £110.

( * Provided a suitable number of people are in attendance and I am the sole photographer present, no other photographers, photo booth or similar )

Making the booking, confirming details and sharing the gallery information are all that the school / organisation / company needs to do.

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Workplace events, less formal parties or other special occasions event photography

Photography for the annual Christmas Party and other events that you might organise during the year. As well as my providing studio style setups I can also cover your event as a roaming photographer or use your corporate backdrops. Much better quality images than the 'photo-booth' type of photo. Some events are less formal than a Ball or a Prom but people still want a photographer for their event. For Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, end of year, company / workplace or other celebrations in North Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme I can provide the same level of photography coverage as for a Ball or less formal images whilst circulating at the event

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Paperwork officialdom

The equipment that I use has been PAT tested and the Public Liability Insurance that I have for my photography work should meet the needs of your venue. Increasingly venues are requiring evidence of these simple things that should be automatic for anyone offering professional photography services. Even my local village hall requires all mains electrical appliances to be tested before being used. Unfortunately not all photographers are covered for these basics. I am also DBS Enhanced checked ( Replaced CRB in December 2012 ).

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Themed event photography

Some people will have a specific theme for an Anniversary party or some other celebration. Some people like to engage in their alter-egos. Cosplay, Steampunk and many more. Make sure that the time and effort people put into their costumes is captured with quality

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Frequently asked questions

Some of the questions that you might be thinking and that others might have asked

How much does it cost ?

Pricing depends on what it is that you want. For Proms and Balls where I would be selling prints to attendees I do not charge provided a minimum number of attendees requirement is met. Events where you want images supplied as digital files do incur a charge. Let me know exactly what you what and I'll let you know the fee.

How can people get photographs after the event ?

Within a day or two of the event I put up an online gallery from which prints of various sizes and digital downloads can be ordered. At the event I will distribute web address details of where the photos will be. Payment is made via PayPal..

Do you have alternatives to a blown white background ?

Yes, I have a range of other background options including black, blue, brown, and the Vintage style backgrounds that I'm moving to.

Can you supply prints on the night ?

I can print on-site although for Proms I prefer to use web galleries. The dye-sub printer that I use for printing on-site is matched with appropriate computer technology to support the printing. Dye-sub printers give a dry print that will not run if it gets a little wet. Inkjet printers are not a professional tool for event printing.

Can you take card payments ?

Provided I can get a suitable data / WiFi connection I can take card payments via PayPal. Contactless or Chip and Pin.