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Glastonbury 2015 -Kanye and the rest

There can be no doubt that Kanye West’s Glastonbury booking and eventual performance created a lot of social media ‘noise’. The petitions and threats that followed the announcement of his booking mirrored that which greeted Jay-Z’s booking a few years back. With Jay-Z he quickly showed that he appreciated that UK events are different from those across the pond and Glastonbury is also very, very, very special. His performance silenced those whose views were not entrenched. Jay-Z at Glastonbury was […]

Prom Photography and the cousin of Uncle Bob

Uncle Bobs are a recognised problem at some Weddings and they have a cousin increasingly appearing at other events like Proms. For clarification, an ‘Uncle Bob’ is someone who has not been booked by the organisers to provide photography coverage of the event. They turn up at the event sometimes as guests, sometimes at the request of a guest. They then take photographs that are not for their own personal record of the event but for the person who arranged […]

Photography flash units and safety in use

Some people when buying ‘studio’ photography flash units do not consider safety aspects or the actual quality of light and the general performance of the flash unit. Instead they just worry about the price. For amateur use the consistency of the flash output in both power and colour temperature along with being able to be used hard for several hours at an event are likely to be low on the priority list. For professional use price should become a secondary […]

The DBS / CRB minefield of misinformation

First of all CRB. The vetting of people who work with under 18s and certain other categories was taken over by the Disclosure Barring Service back in December 2012. Therefore anyone with a CRB has not been checked since the DBS took over, December 2012 ……..  One of the changes introduced with the DBS was the 3 month rule. Quite simply, if someone has not engaged in the work for which they were vetted for 3 months their DBS check […]

Wedding Ceremony photography restrictions

Last year there were increasing numbers of media reports of snappers getting it completely wrong with regard to etiquette at weddings. One video that went viral was of a snapper being severely but correctly admonished by a Minister. This is an increasing problem and the restrictions that result are impacting on all photographers, not just the snappers. In the last century ( not that long ago ) when I used a Bronica at a few weddings some things were very […]

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