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Category : Competitions

Integrity and honesty in photography

On an online forum there was thread created by a person wondering who owned ‘the rights’ to an image where they had setup the lighting, established the camera settings, posed the subject and then someone else took a photograph’ over their shoulder’. This is a situation that frequently happens for wedding photographers, at ‘group shoots’ where a number of photographers are involved and on training courses. Increasingly people who run training courses who will do things in one of 2 […]

The Societies Competition – Highly Commended

The Societies monthly competition is an International competition that is judged by people who have earned need their living from photography. There are a variety of categories that reflect the broad genres that The Societies caters for. Originally it was the SWPP – Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. When I first entered there were three categories of awards, Bronze, Silver and Gold. This has changed to just Highly Commended and Gold. Every few months the Highly Commended awards are […]

Award winning photographer – What does it mean ?

Have you considered how many photographers claim on their website or Facebook page to be an ‘award winning photographer’ ?. How many of those ‘award winning photographers’ go on to state what the awards are and with whom ?. I wonder how the number of ‘award winning photographers’ compare to the number of people who actually have photography specific insurance such as for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity ?. If someone is stating that they are an ‘award winning photographer’ […]