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TPS – The Photography Show 2021

The Photography Show, in various guises, has been a regular at the NEC for many years. Last year’s TPS  was cancelled due to Covid and before the National restrictions came in. in-between that one and this one there was a ‘virtual show. From the exhibitor list it was clearly going to be a reduced TPS compared to normal. Apart from camera manufacturers and stores many of the big companies were not going to be there. No ProFoto, Broncolour, Elinchrom / […]

Giving it 110% – an insight into the meaning of percentages

In TV interviews you often hear of people giving ‘110 percent’ or similar. Recently in a photography forum someone posted review details of a piece of equipment saying that it had ‘138% of the sRGB colourspace’. The device you are reading this on probably defaults to the sRGB colourspace, it is basically the range of colours and tones that can be represented within the colourspace. Unfortunately the person disagreed with my assertion that there was a numerical flaw in the […]