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The Societies Competition – Highly Commended

The Societies monthly competition is an International competition that is judged by people who have earned need their living from photography. There are a variety of categories that reflect the broad genres that The Societies caters for. Originally it was the SWPP – Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. When I first entered there were three categories of awards, Bronze, Silver and Gold. This has changed to just Highly Commended and Gold. Every few months the Highly Commended awards are reviewed by a different panel of judges and some are upgraded to Gold. I hadn’t entered it for a while but last month I decided to do so. Whilst entries are made online the images have to be submitted at 2000 pixels on the longest edge, Facebook struggles with 900 pixels. At this size obvious flaws become, we’ll, obvious.
When the results came through I was delighted with a Highly Commended for a relatively old image of Jason Dale performing his Elvis tribute act. I’d interpreted Event photography as the Ball and Prom photography that I do. Only recently had I realised that The Societies definition is broader and includes stage performances.

I did add an accent light to the stage lighting by using a Nikon SB900 with a Rogue Flashbender Medium modifier on it and triggered by a Pocket Wizard TT1 / TT5 combination.

Next step is to enter more frequently and to put in a set of  images for LSISEP.

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