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Exhibition 2018

My local Library, Blythe Bridge, has an exhibition space that can be booked a month at a time. I had booked it for March and was intending to put the Exhibition up on Friday evening. This was instead of the Saturday morning due to the Spring Fair they have on Saturday. With all of the snow we have it might be more of a pre-spring fair. Just as I was putting my gloves on to head out for the station […]

Unethical use of workshop photographs

In various photographer / model forums and Facebook groups I frequently see ‘portfolio building’ workshops for photographers and these, to my mind, often result in unethical advertising. Photographs taken with models and completely different time constraints do not give a true picture of the quality of photography that might be delivered to a potential client. When it is from a workshop when, in many cases, the photographer just has to hold the camera and press the shutter, this is even […]

Hiring a photographer – some things to consider

When hiring a photographer there are quite a few things to consider. Some of the things will be obvious, some less so and some will possibly not even cross your mind. If you are booking a gas boiler service you know to hire a registered, trained, qualified technician. There are a lot of professions where you have to be qualified and registered in order to practice that profession. Whilst photography has a number of professional organisations –The Societies / SWPP, […]

Using Lastolite perspective backgrounds

Trying things out on paid jobs isn’t ideal since you have to know that you will ‘deliver the goods’. One of those many facets of being a professional photographer. When a friend asked for some help with some dance group photos for the programme cover that she was doing I saw the opportunity for me to try out the Lastolite mini-perspective and ‘creative’ backgrounds that I’d had for a while but, apart from the smoke one, hadn’t really used. After […]

Award winning photographer – What does it mean ?

Have you considered how many photographers claim on their website or Facebook page to be an ‘award winning photographer’ ?. How many of those ‘award winning photographers’ go on to state what the awards are and with whom ?. I wonder how the number of ‘award winning photographers’ compare to the number of people who actually have photography specific insurance such as for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity ?. If someone is stating that they are an ‘award winning photographer’ […]

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