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AWDC event in an old gravel pit between Weston Coyney and Dilhorne – 22/04/19

I’d intended to go to the Crich Tram museum 1940s day but the glorious sunny weather meant that getting some decent portrait style images would be rather difficult. Too bright / contrasty and, probably, too many people. Mulling this over whilst out for a run I changed my route to see if an event that I passed between Weston Coyney and Dilhorne on Saturday was still going on. It was. Quick check with someone about being able to take photos and my plans were changed. The nearest I’ve come to taking photos at an event like this was Wheels ’78, yes, 1978, an event near Watford. It was an interesting trip out, although initially my legs did not thank me for the quick turnaround after the run and then heading out to walk to the location. Given the dry weather it was, unsurprisingly, very dusty. It took a while to get to a positions where I wasn’t engulfed by dust by every passing vehicle.

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