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Lymelight Festival Saturday 5th May 2018

The Lymelight Festival has become a regular May Day Bank Holiday weekend event and this year I was able to get along to it on Saturday 5th May.

It is held in the pedestrianised part of Newcastle under Lyme town centre and the main organiser and mover is Richard Buxton of The Hippy Shake refreshments shop in Newcastle. My first experiences of Richard's music events were the three-day festivals in a field at Foxfield Railway, Hippy Haze and Hippy Horror. These were at Easter and October and mainly cold and wet. It has been a while since I've been able to get to a Lymelight and this was definitely the warmest and sunniest event. Unfortunately I was only able to be there for the Saturday. Despite wearing musician earplugs I need a day for my tinnitus ridden ears to stop ringing. This, combined with the Doctor that I saw on Friday thinking I might have a bone break in an ankle, enabled me to change my Sunday plans and just go through the images from Saturday.

My thanks go to the organisers, sound crew, bands and to those who did let themselves get into the spirit of things. I went along for some fun, entertainment and to try some photography things out that I cannot do on paid work where I have to know that I'll 'deliver the goods'.

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