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Wedding at Foxtail Barns, Consall

Wedding photography at Foxtail Barns
An amazing venue for a Wedding.
I hadn’t been to Consall Gardens since it was no longer Consall Hall so a wedding there as the Foxtail Barns dedicated wedding venue was definitely looked forward to.
On a pre-Wedding meeting with the Bride and Groom we walked around the gardens to decide on where to do the Bride and Groom specific photos. One area stood out as a start point, the ‘Italian ruins’. From there we’d walk back towards the barns making use of other locations along the way.
The weather on the day of the October wedding couldn’t really have been better, from the point of view of the couple and guests. Bright and sunny, just what a photographer doesn’t want due to the high contrast / hard light.
As the day progressed the venue and staff kept showing how well put together Foxtail Barns is as a wedding venue.
As ever at a wedding you never have quite the amount of time that you anticipated so some of the anticipated scenes were not able to be set.
I knew that the couple were both into AmDram and studied performing arts at University, that didn’t prepare me, many of the guests or the venue staff for some of what would unfold. Instead of speeches from the couple they put on a mini musical about their meeting and moving towards this big day. It still gets me emotional just typing this and reflecting on the performance. Most of the groomsmen and some of the bridesmaids were also from a performance background. The venue staff, like me, had never seen anything like it before. I just wished I was either just watching it or videoing it rather than viewing it through the detachment of a viewfinder.
More was to come, part 2 of the musical came with the first dance. It was another magical performance.
It was an amazing wedding at an amazing venue.

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